This wendy was strangling a large vermine in the north beach when it spotted Juniper dappling around. Juniper foolishly approached the hairy creature, provoking it to throw its feces at her while hollering something horrible in its crazy wendy language. Juniper managed to escape that exciting escapade with hardly a scratch, but her white cloak now has some offensive smelling brown stains. We may never know why the wendy was hanging around in the north beach, but we will know the... ah... hmm. Moving on!

Just another day on Ash Island. The fellow shouting out "Punk!" at the lawless, fireball-throwing teen requested that we do not show his face or state his name. He called this park "stupid," and "a complete waste of space," and said that he would never support this place, not even if his life depended on it. The truth hurts ;~(

That bolok princess was bothering Juniper all day. Juniper claims that the pretty kitty was making fun of her in the south forest, and stealing her fish while she was out in a boat in the lake. Just when Juniper settled down to have tea in the valley, the bolok princess called up her artak friend and panther neighbor, and ganged up on poor Juniper. When Juniper's mangled body was finally found floating in the river, the kitty gang had already stolen all of her Halloween candy from the previous year. A truly heartbreaking story *sniff*

More not-so-mysterious mysteries will be put up here, in time, deary, in time.

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